Istilah-Istilah Chating..

IMHO : In My Humble Opinion.

OMG = Oh My God

Masbaz = Masih Bazah ( baru dicat )

CMIIW = Correct Me If Iam Wrong

FYI: for your information

BTW: by the way

GTG: Got to Go

WB: Welcome Back

LoL: Laughing Out Loud

ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing ( ktawa guling2 di lantai )

ASL: Age, se*, Location

OIC: Oh I See

BRB: Be Right Back

FAQ: Frequent Ask Questions

NP: Now Playing

OOT: Out Of Topic

HTH: Hope This Help

OOP: Out Of Print

Japri: Jalur Pribadi, PM = Private messages

Milis: Mailing List

Re: Reply

Fwd: Forward

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

2: to

b: be

AFAIK: as far as i know

AKA: also known as

ATM: at the moment

B4: before

CFV: call for votes

FWIW: for what it’s worth

FYA: for your amusement

GA: go ahead

HHOJ: ha ha only joking

HHOK: ha ha only kidding

HHOS: ha ha only seriousIAE: in any event

IDK: i don’t know

IMO:in my opinion

IMNSHO: in my not so humble opinion

IMNERHO: in my not even remotely humble opinion

IOW: in other words

IRL: in real life

IYKWIM: if you know what i mean

JK: just kidding

L8R: later

OTOH: on the other hand

OTTH: on the third hand

RFC: request for comment

RFD: request for discussion

RSN: real soon now

TIA: thanks in advance

TNX: thanks

WRT: With regard/respect to

WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get

YMMV: your mileage may vary

YMMVG: your mileage may vary greatly

CMIIW: correct me if i’am wrong

FYEO : for your eyes only

GPP : ga apa-apa..

GRP = Good Reputation Point (cendol )

BRP = Bad Reputation Point (bata)

BTT= Back to topic



YM=yahoo messenger

CCPB = Cara Curang Program Bajakan

TS = Thread Starter

ASAIC = As Soon As I Can

BBL : Be Back Later

BRB : Be Right Back

DOUTH : Do You Think?

F2F : Face To Face

SPS = Speed Posting Society

ONS = Online Social Networkting

FB = Facebook

FS = Frienfster

YM = Yahoo! Messenger

BB = Black Berry

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